TORONTO, Sept. 15, 2021 /CNW/ - Gathered Foods, makers of Swell Catch® plant-based seafood, today announces its most recent partnership with Copper Branch, the renowned plant-based Canadian restaurant chain. For a limited time, Copper Branch will be adding two new plant-based seafood items to the menu featuring Swell Catch Plant-Based New England Style Crab Cakes

The Crab Cake Burger features a Swell Catch Plant-Based New England Style Crab Cake patty with lettuce, tomato and a creamy aioli sauce. The Crab Cake Appetizer includes four Plant-Based New England Style Crab Cakes served on a bed of greens with garlic aioli sauce.

The partnership with Copper Branch is the first restaurant partnership for Swell Catch in Canada. Swell Catch Plant-Based New England Style Crab Cakes have a remarkable crabmeat-like texture and sweet crab flavor complemented with bell peppers, green onions, parsley and a hint of spice.

"We're a mission-driven brand that set out to make delicious plant-based seafood while making a difference in the world, and we're always looking for partners who align to this mission," said Chad Sarno, Co-Founder & Chief Culinary Officer at Gathered Foods, makers of Swell Catch. "Swell Catch and Copper Branch share similar values and we're very excited to launch the Crab Cake Burger and Crab Cake Appetizer with another forward-thinking, culinary-focused organization."

"As we execute our mission to offer delicious plant-based food while making a difference in the world, we are constantly seeking partners who align to this mission. Swell Catch and Copper Branch share similar values and we are thrilled to launch our gourmet crab cake burger with them. Together, we collaborated on the perfect recipe and can't wait to introduce it to our customers," said Trish Paterson, CEO of Copper Branch.

Swell Catch is a chef-driven, innovative food company that makes delicious plant-based seafood while offering a plant-based solution to concerns about bycatch, microplastics, mercury contamination and overfishing. The Swell Catch proprietary blend of peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans perfectly deliver the rich flavor and delicate texture of seafood.  

Swell Catch has continued to expand its innovative product portfolio amidst the quickly expanding plant-based industry. According to the Good Food Institute (GFI), the retail market for plant-based foods is now worth $7 billion. Over the last few years, the plant-based seafood industry has shown steadfast growth. In fact, according to market research firm Fact.MR, over the next 10 years, the plant-based seafood sector is set to grow at a rate of 28% and will be worth $1.3 billion by 2031.

This is the latest announcement from the plant-based seafood brand, with its portfolio of offerings that include Plant-Based New England Style Crab Cakes, Plant-Based Thai Style Fish Cakes and Plant-Based Classic Fish Burgers.  

Gathered Foods has had an impressive year thus far, most recently announcing a successful B-2 bridge funding round, securing $26.35 million with investments from Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), Unovis Asset Management, Clear Current Capital and others. Additionally, the brand has had several launches expanding its foodservice footprint.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TORONTO AND CHICAGO – Sept. 7, 2021 – Pizza Nova and Greenleaf Foods, SPC, owner of Field Roast ™ (“Field Roast”), announced today the addition of Field Roast Plant-Based Chicken across all Pizza Nova locations. The new ‘Plantollini’ Chick’n Bites offer a crunchy breading outside and a tender, whole muscle-style protein inside, are GMO Free, vegan and contain no artificial flavours.

Pizza Nova and Field Roast partnered earlier this year to introduce the ‘Planteroni Pizza’ made with Field Roast Plant-Based Pepperoni, and have come together again to offer Plant-Based Chicken that promises to deliver an indulgent experience that both meat lovers and vegans will love. The plant-based pepperoni received amazing feedback from even the most discerning of customers and orders continue to increase for Pizza Nova.

“We are proud to expand our plant-based offering and continue to deliver on our Puro Promise of sourcing high-quality products that do not compromise on taste”, says Domenic Primucci, President of Pizza Nova. “Our new mouthwatering PLANTOLLINI will help address the growing demand for plant-based proteins in the QSR space and will deliver a savoury flavour for our flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans alike.” 

Voted the ‘Best Pizza of 2020’ by the Toronto Star, Pizza Nova uses only the finest ingredients, sourced from farmers and producers who share its commitment to quality. It offers a number of freshly-baked signature pizzas and a breadth of Italian dishes including ciabatta sandwiches, Pollini, meatballs and lasagna, all caringly made with love.

“People are increasingly interested in eating more plant-based foods, and they don’t want to sacrifice flavor,” said Adam Grogan, Chief Operating Officer of Greenleaf Foods, SPC. “We’re excited to grow our partnership with Pizza Nova and offer more delicious Field Roast products that satisfy consumer’s cravings.”

Field Roast’s portfolio of high-quality plant-based sausages, burgers, roasts, appetizers and entrees and its leading Chao Creamery dairy-free cheese products are crafted for those who want to discover, indulge and share in bold taste experiences. For more information and to find a retailer near you, visit


VANCOUVER, BC, Aug. 31, 2021 /CNW/ - Delicious news just in: it's time to celebrate – one A&W Teen Burger® at a time! The 13th annual A&W Canada Burgers to Beat MS Day, in partnership with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, raised $1.4 million in support of people living with multiple sclerosis (MS).

On Thursday, August 19th, every A&W restaurant location across Canada contributed to making this year's Burgers to Beat MS Day such a success. On this day, $2 from every A&W Teen Burger® sold across Canada went towards helping people living with MS. In 13 years, this initiative has raised more than $17 million, making A&W the single largest annual corporate fundraiser for the MS Society of Canada. This annual fundraiser is very close to the hearts of A&W's franchisees across the country, with many going above and beyond to raise crucial funds and awareness ahead of, and on Burgers to Beat MS Day.

All-star support from Christine Sinclair
For her fifth consecutive year, Olympic gold medalist and Canadian women's national soccer team captain, Christine Sinclair, participated in A&W's 2021 Burgers to Beat MS Day in honour of her mother, Sandi, who was diagnosed with MS over 30 years ago. Christine shared her story about how MS impacts all Canadians, not just the people who live with it – their family, friends, community, and country are all affected by this disease. She understands first-hand the daily impacts of this disease and what it means to live with a diagnosed loved one. Once again, she asked Canadians to join her in raising funds and awareness to support the MS Society in its goal towards achieving a world free of MS.

"As an individual who has personally witnessed what it means to live with the impacts of MS, I am wholeheartedly devoted to supporting this cause," says Christine Sinclair. "It means a lot to be back for my fifth year in a row teaming up with the MS Society and A&W to participate in Burgers to Beat MS Day in honour of my mother. The level of importance around raising funds and awareness is personally very high for me, to support people diagnosed, like her. I am so grateful to see the continuous support and excitement from Canadians around this campaign!"

MS in Canada: the startling facts
Canada has one of the highest MS rates in the world, with over 90,000 Canadians living with this disease. MS is a complex and unpredictable disease that impacts the central nervous system, affecting each person differently. Common symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, (muscle) weakness, impaired sensation, vision loss, mood changes and cognitive impairment.

On average, 12 Canadians are diagnosed with MS every day, and it's the most common neurological disease affecting young adults in Canada. Sixty percent of adults diagnosed with MS are between the ages of 20 and 49, and women are three times more likely to be diagnosed with MS than men. The cause of MS remains a mystery, and as of today, there is no cure, but each day researchers are learning more.

"Each year, because of Burgers to Beat MS Day, funds and awareness for MS are raised across Canada, and this year was no different. The time and effort our franchisees put into making 2021's campaign a soaring success is truly motivating and makes me look forward to the coming years even more," says Susan Senecal, President and CEO, A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. "Our restaurants collectively raising over $1.4 million is incredible – Thank you, Canada, for going above and beyond."

"As the 13th annual Burgers to Beat MS comes to a close, we couldn't be happier with this year's results and what it means to our organization and people affected by MS," shares Pamela Valentine, President and CEO, MS Society of Canada. "Our continued partnership with A&W over the last 13 years has been monumental in supporting our work towards achieving our goal of a world free of MS. Each year we are inspired by the number of Canadians coming together to support this cause to raise funds and awareness for the MS Society."

During this year's Burger's to Beat MS Day, Christine Sinclair, Susan Senecal and Pamela Valentine came together virtually to celebrate the 13th annual campaign by ordering a Teen Burger® with their friends and family (via drive-thru, take out/third-party delivery and dining-in). They also participated in virtual interviews to raise awareness about the disease and shared how Canadians could show their support and make a difference in the lives of people affected by MS.

About A&W Canada
A&W is proud to be a Canadian company - 100% Canadian owned and operated, and one of the most trusted brands in the country. A leader in the QSR industry, we believe that sourcing simple, great-tasting ingredients, farmed with care is the right thing to do. Our brand, our restaurants, and our people are known for being innovators who champion and embrace change. We serve Canadians coast to coast with over 1,000 restaurants across the country. For more information, please visit

About multiple sclerosis and the MS Society of Canada
Canada has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis in the world. On average, 12 Canadians are diagnosed every day. MS is a chronic autoimmune disease of the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord). It is considered an episodic disease meaning that the severity and duration of illness and disability can vary and are often followed by periods of wellness. Most people are diagnosed with MS between the ages of 20 and 49 and the unpredictable effects of the disease will last for the rest of their lives. The MS Society provides information, support and advocacy to people affected by MS, and funds research to find the cause and cure for the disease, bringing us closer to a world free of MS. Please visit or call 1-800-268-7582 for more information, to get involved, or to support Canadians affected by MS by making a donation.

Join the conversation and connect with the MS community online. Find the MS Society on Twitter, Instagram or like our page on Facebook. 

Editor's Note: Your local A&W restaurant, MS Society of Canada contact and/or other Burgers to Beat MS partners may send you additional details about the campaign results.

Susan Senecal, Pamela Valentine and other A&W and MS Society of Canada spokespeople are available for interviews upon request.

For more information or to request an interview, please contact: 

Saul Lewis

Strategic Objectives 

C: 416 366 7735 ext. 0309 

Kristin Harold 

MS Society of Canada 

C: 613 900 6941


TORONTO, ON – September 14, 2021 – To better serve its members with exclusive insights into Canada’s foodservice and hospitality trends, Restaurants Canada has partnered with CGA to release new COVID-19 Sales On Premise Impact Reports, highlighting critical alcohol velocity trends across Canada. Released monthly starting September 2021, each report will help Restaurants Canada members make better business decisions based on what Canadians prefer when it comes to dine-in alcohol orders.

Collected by CGA—the definitive source for On Premise measurement, insight, and research consultancy—the data shares critical information on trends such as value velocity and total market sales across Canada, including key province breakdowns, as well as beer, wine and spirit sector reporting and daily frequency trends each month. Restaurants Canada aims to provide  reporting to help restaurateurs and bar owners understand the different dynamics of On Premise alcohol consumption across cities and provinces as the market continues to diverge and evolve due to COVID-19.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with CGA to be able to provide additional value to our members,” says Todd Barclay, CEO of Restaurants Canada. “Knowledge is power, and a big key to helping restaurants navigate their businesses during COVID-19 and beyond. By providing our members with as much information as possible—now including exclusive data on alcohol consumption and velocity across Canada—we can help one of the hardest hit industries get back on its feet.”

Data for each report is collected and aligned with CGA’s highest standards from across a pool of point of sales (POS) systems from more than 1,000 outlets across Canada. The data provides a clear understanding of consumer behaviour, tracking date and time of every order, all as it is entered in the POS system, including drinks, food and non-food items, as well as tips, tax and discounts on each order.

“As CGA continues to expand its global reach, we are delighted to partner with Canada’s leading trade association for our beloved foodservice industry” says Scott Elliott, CGA’s Managing Director: Americas “It has been a difficult 18 months for the trade and high quality data and insights have never been more important to successfully navigate the new consumer and competitive landscape that now exists. Combining CGA’s best in class data with Restaurants Canada’s unparalleled industry expertise and reach can only be a good thing and we are really excited to work together for the good of the sector.“

While each report shares key velocity information, any brand-specific data is available directly through CGA. This partnership was built out of a long-standing relationship between Restaurants Canada and CGA; CGA has been a reliable source for Restaurant Canada’s Beer and Wine Report, released in the spring edition of MENU Magazine and the upcoming Spirits report in late fall.

Both Restaurants Canada and CGA are excited to be able to provide full segment data and reporting by province available for the first time on a consolidated monthly basis for the restaurant sector.

For more information,


Toronto, Sept. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Uncovering consumer confidence and preferences in an ever-shifting market as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, Restaurants Canada is shining a light on what restaurateurs and chefs can expect with the release of the 2021 Discerning Diner Report. 

Based on findings from a survey hosted on the Angus Reid Forum on behalf of Restaurants Canada, the report shares that on the positive side, Canadians are looking forward to returning to restaurants, so long as safety measures are in place. 89% of Canadians are looking forward to eating out with friends and family, with 64% going so far as to say that dining out will be an important part of their lifestyle post-pandemic.

“Canadians may be ready to return to restaurants, however some of their tastes and priorities have changed,” says Todd Barclay, President of Restaurants Canada. “The Discerning Diner report provides our members with the information they need to make choices around everything from menu selections and customer service options, to marketing initiatives and possible new revenue streams that today’s consumer is interested in. As more Canadians return to in-person dining, restaurants will need to continue adapting to capture market share.” 

The restaurant experience is one that Canadians cherish, with 63% of young consumers (ages 18-34) missing the fun of eating out, and 61% sharing that they miss the atmosphere. The biggest thing that all Canadians miss about table-service dining is socializing and connecting with friends and family (72%). Despite this, 32% of Canadians are still tentative about eating in-person and plan to postpone their first in-person dining experience for anywhere between a few months of reopening, to sometime in 2022. This poses a significant challenge for the industry in the short- to mid-term as restaurants are unable to maximize in-person dining revenues with fewer patrons. 

Restaurants Canada has pulled together the top considerations for Canadians as the nation reopens its doors to diners, from food trends and  innovation that consumers are most excited about.  The full Discerning Diner report can be read here


Canadians are picky when it comes to their food delivery orders – the most important factors when choosing to order delivery range from consistency of food quality (73%), crave-able menu items (59%) and whether they’ve visited in-person before (51%), to more economical considerations like value for money (48%) and whether it has a low or no delivery fee (43%). 

  • 78% of Canadians have ordered delivery within six months prior to the survey.
  • Quebec ordered delivery the most, with 84% saying they had ordered within the last six months.
  • Once the pandemic subsides, delivery will be the preferred choice for 18-34 year olds when eating off-premise at a quick-service restaurant. 
  • For table-service restaurants, 39% of young Canadians said they will prefer to order takeout by going inside and picking up, while 37% will order delivery. 8% say they plan to order more once the pandemic subsides. 
  • 15% have ordered alcoholic beverages with food for delivery or takeout, on par with the 18% of Canadians that say they’re likely to do this.
  • Cocktails and beer (combined 35%) are the most likely to be ordered.
  • Consumers are twice as likely to prefer ordering delivery directly from a table-service restaurant by phone or restaurant app (20%) vs third-party apps (10%).

Cocktail and beer delivery stats suggest a greater possible market for restaurants to provide unique takeout and delivery options for consumers. It is expected alcohol sales will grow as suppliers and operators adapt packing and pricing models to bolster alcohol sales with delivery.

“The developments and improvements made to delivery and takeout containers, food quality and speed have made a lasting, positive impression,” says Barclay. “Restaurateurs and chefs will need to continue to innovate in order to increase margins on takeout and delivery, but they can count on people visiting in-person instead of just virtually as restrictions subside.”


The “support local” movement that helped sustain several restaurants during the pandemic won’t be going away any time soon, with more Canadians purchasing and ordering from their local restaurants directly, and for items other than just takeout or delivery. 

  • 87% of Canadians are interested in ordering food sourced from local farmers or using Canadian produce. 
  • Almost 25% of Canadians are interested in purchasing groceries from a restaurant in the future, just shy of the 28% that indicated an interest in purchasing meal kits.
  • 41% of consumers ages 18-34 indicated interest in monthly meal subscriptions, especially if offered at a discounted price.  

“These food trends are encouraging for the restaurants who adapted to pandemic closures by pivoting their business model to include local grocery and meal kit options for consumers,” says Barclay. “These findings reiterate the need for restaurants to look at new revenue streams in order to survive and grow.” 


With Canadians eager to return to in-person dining, what can restaurants be doing to stand out, re-engineer their menus, capture consumer attention and keep them coming back?

  • Seeing a restaurant on Facebook is reportedly just as effective as hearing about it in a commercial or an advertisement on tv/radio.
  • Instagram is among the top factors for 34% of Canadians ages 18-34 when choosing to try a new spot.
  • 38% of those 55+ are more likely to visit a new restaurant if they’ve received flyers or discounts in the mail.
  • 37% of Canadians would choose one restaurant over another if it offered contactless or mobile payment options.
  • 51% of those 18-34 would choose one restaurant over another if they can order online through a website or app to pick up at a restaurant

Convenience is key when it comes to technological innovations, especially when appealing to younger audiences. Data suggests that convenience and clarity go hand-in-hand – online ordering ensures that there are no miscommunications in what’s on the list. Word of mouth continues to be the most important factor for Canadians to try a restaurant for the first time, but the power of social media shouldn’t be overlooked.

 “With the amount of innovation that’s transformed the market over the past two years, there are several new ways to help bump your business to the top of someone’s must-visit list,” continues Barclay. “We’ve seen restaurants completely pivot their business model, market to completely new demographics with great success and implement new technology that streamlines efficiency.”

What your business offers is also just as important. After a tough lockdown, 78% of Canadians are interested in ordering comfort foods from restaurants, alongside foods that promote health and wellness (73%), natural or unprocessed foods (70%), or culinary cocktails with savoury, fresh ingredients (41%). Meatless and vegetarian entrée options remain most popular among Canadians ages 18-34 (54%), compared to those 35-54 (37%) and 55+ (27%). 


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