WINDSOR, Ontario, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- is North America's best restaurant discovery app. They've listed over 180,000 restaurant menus, including 19,000 in Illinois alone. Before long, Sirved will list the majority of restaurant menus all across North America. This is perfect for restauranteurs looking to showcase their menu for free. When looking for something to eat, Sirved offers the quickest way to find the best restaurant for you.

Learn more about the fabulous Sirved app at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, May 19-22. Sirved is proud to be one of the few start-up companies selected for Start-Up Alley at the show.  There'll be over 45,000 people in attendance. This is the biggest food show of the year for leading food professionals from every corner of the continent.  The team at Sirved is excited to be part of this action.

Drop by the Sirved booth and discover how fast and easy the restaurant discovery app is to use. Search for the city or type of food and get recommendations in the blink of an eye.  Just like that, restaurants from the specific city will be displayed featuring the type of food the user just searched for.

Sirved has successfully listed the majority of restaurants in Canada, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Washington and Colorado! With time, Sirved will list the majority of restaurant menus in every state in America. Restaurateurs will have the option to list their menus through Sirved for free.

"We help restaurants connect with new customers.  Restaurants get a free boost when Sirved's android and iOS menu app indexes their menu's. Customers are empowered to find specific foods. Everyone wins," says Leslie.

Recent research shows that 2 out of 3 informed diners don't go to restaurants without seeing an online menu.  Over 60% of restaurant food searches occur without a restaurant in mind.  Listing a menu online, through the Sirved app, opens a door to a whole new customer base.  On Sirved, potential customers can find their food by location, craving or restaurant.  Sirved provides free access to a whole new group of customers just waiting to discover the perfect restaurant.

What do Sirved's customers say?      

"This is a genius app." S. Samson                                                                                          

"I've been using Sirved for 6 months now as a business traveller.  This app has saved me time and found me some of the best restaurants in town offering the kind of food I like." R. Bryan

"Every Menu, One App!" is what Sirved is all about. Visit Sirved in Chicago and experience how easy it is to "Find Your Food."

Jonathan Leslie, Derek Watts and Kyle Brown, owners of Sirved, have built the world's most comprehensive menu-based search engine. Together these three visionary entrepreneurs have made it their mission to help people everywhere find their food in the easiest way possible. With a razor-sharp focus on success, Jon, Derek, and Kyle are poised to take the food world by storm, as their app is sure to become a household name.