FORT WASHINGTON, Penn. (Dec. 6, 2018) – Cost is “king” when purchasing restroom paper products for a strong majority (78 percent) of cleaning industry professionals. Yet new research from Sofidel, a leading global provider of paper for hygienic and domestic use, reveals other important buyer considerations. The survey of 100 attendees (78 distributors, 13 end users and nine building service contractors) at ISSA Show North America 2018 revealed that 55 percent rank softness as a top consideration, 32 percent evaluate the number of sheets per roll and 30 percent prioritize product durability and environmental profile.

“Purchase price will always be a top consideration, but buyers are also looking for paper products that are strong, help limit waste and can even reduce the risk of toilet clogs,” said Giorgia Giove, Marketing Manager – Away from Home, Sofidel America. “Our Papernet brand continues to innovate to provide customers with paper products and dispensers that deliver value beyond just cost savings.”

The survey also revealed the following top considerations when purchasing paper dispensers:

  • 3 in 5 – The majority of respondents evaluate durability when purchasing dispensers. 
  • More than half – Fifty-seven percent of buyers check the cost of the dispenser.  
  • 1 in 3 – Thirty-three percent of those surveyed want touchless dispensers. 
  • 38% – Many buyers want restroom dispensers that can limit paper waste. 

According the survey, nearly 8 in 10 respondents (79 percent) would prefer to buy restroom paper products that are proven to reduce the risk of toilet clogs. Papernet brand’s Bio Tech toilet paper uses Biologic Active Tissue Paper (BATP) technology to accomplish this. When the paper comes into contact with water, it produces enzymes that target buildup in pipes. After about four weeks of continual use, Bio Tech will reduce the risk of clogs, and can provide total savings of up to 40 percent compared to standard toilet paper.

At the show, Papernet also introduced two new dispensers designed to reduce paper waste. The HyTech Auto-Cut Jumbo Roll Tissue (JRT) dispenser uses a mechanism that dispenses toilet paper sheets without needing to touch the unit. The dispenser is crafted from durable plastic materials and offers 15 percent savings compared to traditional dispensers.

The Touchless Roll Towel dispenser also offers 15 percent savings by dispensing a second paper towel sheet that is shorter than the first. Facilities can customize the paper-saving mode by selecting the desired savings percentage (zero percent, 12 percent or 25 percent), the time delay for the second towel and the sheet length (9 inches, 12 inches or 15 inches). 

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