December 14, 2018

Following the recent retirement of Grant Avery as Vice President of Sales for the Manitoba Distribution Centre, Pratts Food Service has hired Jamie Campbell as Vice President of Sales for Manitoba, North West Ontario, and Thunder Bay.

 “Grant has been with our company from the very beginning and we are forever indebted to him for his leadership, dedication, and for playing a pinnacle role in helping Pratts Food Service achieve its present position in the Canadian Food Service Industry.” said Jason Baranyk, President of Pratts Food Service Canada. “Grant’s decision to retire left us wondering how long it would take to find a successful replacement. It’s a paramount role in our company and we knew replacing Grant was not going to be an easy task.” Fortunately for us, Jamie was ready for a change, so I suppose it was all a fortunate stroke of serendipity.”

 Campbell brings a wealth of knowledge and experience after more than 25 years in the Western Canadian Food Service Industry.  “Jamie has been a sales leader in our industry with numerous accolades and more successes than one can recount.  His dedication to sales success and the food service industry as a whole is second to none and was a primary factor in our decision to bring him on board,” We’re certainly sad to see Grant leave our organization, but I firmly believe Jamie is exactly the individual suited to fill his role.

Jamie most recently served as District Sales Manger for Northwestern Ontario and Northern Manitoba for Sysco Food Service Winnipeg. Prior to that he looked after the Business Resource team which included Protein Specialist, STiR Team, Key Accounts, and the Business Development team.