TORONTO, June 3, 2019 /CNW/ - What pairs perfectly with a hot summer day? A cold, creamy cone! To celebrate the start of its $1 plus tax cone promotion, McDonald's Canada reveals which Canadian communities love their vanilla soft serve so much they have been named a "Cone Capital". 

Last summer, Saskatchewan restaurants dominated cone sales in Canada from May to August with its first taste of the $1 cone. But soft serve lovers have shown themselves across the country: Ladner, B.C. holds the record for the most cones sold in a single day with more than 1,200 cones sold, and on the other side of the country, Bathurst, N.B. topped all other cities with highest cone sales for the entire year – which makes sense, as it is also the birthplace of the McFlurry®!

Canadian Cone Capitals
Capitals were determined and ranked in order based on cone sales from May to Aug, 2018

  1. Bathurst, NB
  2. Regina, SK
  3. Laval, QC
  4. Calgary, AB
  5. Squamish, BC
  6. Orleans, ON

Starting Tuesday, June 4th until Monday, September 2nd, McDonald's Canada invites Canadians to celebrate the best moments summer has to offer with its vanilla soft serve cones for just $1 plus tax, made with 100 per cent Canadian dairy and no artificial flavours or colours.

The $1 cone is another way McDonald's is expanding its offerings for Canadian families. Whether it's to celebrate the last day of school, a sunny stroll in the park, or a pick-me-up at the drive-thru after soccer practice, any family experience can be made even sweeter with a cone.

For a limited time: Introducing the Chocolate Waffle Cone

This summer, guests in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will have the chance to get their vanilla soft serve in a new Chocolate Waffle Cone, for just $2 plus tax.

Fun facts on these sweet treats

  • Twist and shout! Each McDonald's vanilla cone has five swirls above the cone.
  • Snack time is the perfect time to enjoy soft serve cones! One third of vanilla cones across Canada are purchased between 2-4 p.m. for an afternoon treat.
  • Vanilla cone sales reach their peak during Canada Day and Father's Day meaning Canadians reach for this sweet treat to celebrate these occasions.
  • Cones are better in pairs! The most frequent item ordered with a vanilla cone at McDonald's? You guessed it, another cone.