July 21 2020

Food Service Solutions is pleased to announce that we are the exclusive importer and distributor of Turbo Air Refrigeration in Canada. Turbo Air has the greatest number of commercial refrigeration patents in the industry, including automatic condenser cleaning to ensure long life of the compressor and lower energy consumption versus other brands. Turbo Air is in use by over 50 chains in the USA and they are also the second largest producer of refrigeration equipment in the USA. As a global player they have 5 manufacturing facilities and have capacity to produce 15,000 refrigerated products per month. 

FSS is always looking for product solutions that help chefs and operators improve their lives and Turbo Air is a leading player in refrigeration with a heavy focus on innovation. Turbo Air makes top quality products that work well, lower operating costs and they have a moderate price point, which make them great value for our customers. In fact, many of our chain customers already use Turbo Air, so the addition to our line up of quality brands was a natural fit.

FSS is stocking equipment and parts at our head office located in Mississauga (Ontario) and is looking to expand with inventory to its other warehouses in Calgary (Alberta) and Montreal (Quebec) as demand for product increases.