TORONTO, CANADA, July 28, 2020 --- The Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA), Canada’s only certification body that monitors at every step, has taken on  the costs to support halal Canadian restauranteurs as the global pandemic continues to threaten the foodservice industry. 

“When the reality of COVID-19 hit, our team was at a standstill along with the rest of the industry. The survival of restaurants and the livelihood of many hard-working Canadians were - and still are - at risk,” says Omar Subedar, COO of HMA. “As a part of this community and industry, we evaluated our role and provided relief during this challenging time by taking on the costs of our services for over forty of our operators.” 

With province-wide restrictions in place, it has been extremely difficult for restaurants to simply break even - many are continuing to operate at a loss. HMA is working with their operators on a month-by-month basis to evaluate the support needed. The HMA is made up of a team of inspectors, food scientists and certifiers that make it possibly for Muslim consumers across Canada to consume halal food with confidence.