Paramount Fine Foods launches its first Krispo krispy chicken


TORONTO, ON —Paramount Fine Foods has launched its first Krispo Chicken location, offering a krispy chicken menu with a variety of savoury items. Based out of Paramount Fine Foods Queensway location, Krispo Chicken will offer soul-satisfying comfort food that everyone will love during a time that Canadians need comfort the most.

“We are excited to bring together two brands under one roof, each with a unique product to bring to the table,” says Mohamad Fakih, founder and CEO of the Paramount Fine Foods chain of restaurants. “Our southern-inspired Krispo menu will provide Torontonians with a hearty food option to satisfy those fried-chicken cravings.”

As Canada continues to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, Paramount Fine Foods and Krispo Chicken are committed to creating a fast, efficient, and safe dining option for guests. By cooking all meals fresh to order and streamlining the ordering process through an online platform, Krispo offers diners peace of mind.

The Krispo menu is a modern take on southern-style cuisine, with items including krispy chicken buckets, macaroni and cheese, waffle fries and fried pickles. The dessert menu offers deep-fried mars bars and traditional apple ‘blossom’ cake.

The new restaurant will allow guests to place their order in advance at and select the Queensway location. Guests will be given the option to order online or to call the store directly. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how the restaurant industry operates and we are proud to present an alternative way of using our restaurant space at a time when dining rooms are still at limited capacity and not all Canadians are comfortable eating in a restaurant yet,” says Fakih. “The opening of Krispo Chicken will produce additional growth in revenue as the effects of the pandemic lessen and share our unique take on a traditional meal with our valued customers.”

The Krispo Chicken with Paramount combination restaurant at 1585 The Queensway is the first of several locations scheduled to open later this year and is part of the Paramount pandemic plan which has already seen the opening of Box’d and Brampton Cloud Kitchen.

“Krispo Chicken is a new concept that has a fresh innovative take on classic fried chicken, “says Fakih. “With a focus on high quality ingredients and BBQ sides that honour the culinary traditions of the south, Krispo Chicken promises to be a family favourite for our customers.”

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