November 5, 2020

Pasta: boom in consumption

Pasta, one of the excellences of made In Italy agri-food, resists and relaunches. This is certified by the data of the international research "pasta consumption during the lockdown" commissioned by the Unione Italiana Food and ICE agency to DOXA, on the occasion of the World Pasta Day, recently celebrated worlwide, which attests that during the lockdown global consumption grew by 24%.

TUTTOFOOD has already dedicated and will dedicate in the next edition, an area to TUTTOPASTA (in fieramilano from 17 to 20 May 2021). The event reads these data as a further confirmation of its proposals, paying attention not only to the more traditional offer but also to emerging trends in consumption and new successful segments of the national and international market.

1 in 4 people increased their consumption of pasta during the months of lockdown, choosing it as their favourite dish: good, healthy, practical and sustainable. Besides Italy, Germany, France, UK, USA are the countries that represent more than one third of world consumption. (...)

But what, then, is the secret of this worldwide success? The main reason is the ease of purchase and storage, especially during the lockdown phase, where there has been a tendency of the consumer to stock up more than necessary. (...)

To each their own pasta type

In the universe of the different pasta formats, Italians prefer the short and striped pasta, while British and Americans the long one. The Germans the fresh one (stuffed and not). The French, on the other hand, are the greatest admirers of short and smooth pasta. On one thing everyone, or almost, agrees: the quality of Italian pasta is not questionable. (...)

Local consumption: the first dish is essential

Local pasta consumption data, in Italy and abroad, confirms the trend of exponential growth, that has also been studied by TUTTOFOOD that monitors data from different fronts, reworking and comparing them to better understand the new dynamics. (...)

TUTTOFOOD, "the" International Food Fair, brings together stand-out Italian agricultural and food firms and Food & Beverage companies from all over the world. The next edition of TUTTOFOOD will take place at fieramilano in Rho from 17 to 20 May 2021.