The iconic brand is launching a new campaign that taps into its long-standing equity of warmth. The campaign sets up that the world can sometimes feel like a cold, dark and indifferent place. However, a home-cooked meal, made with love, has the amazing ability to lift our spirits and compel us to share this warmth and compassion with one another. Campbell’s, being a symbol of warmth, plays that unique role in making the world a brighter place.

The campaign, launching with a :30 brand spot on TV and long-form film online, aims to appeal to younger, Gen Z and Millennial families. With semi-scratch and home cooking on the rise, this demographic is looking for quick and easy solutions, as well as variety and family-pleasing favourites, of which Campbell’s is in a solid position to deliver on. The new communication aims to shift consumer behaviour away from consumption being primarily soup and towards using Campbell’s products for cooking, but in a way that evokes an emotional response.

Truly connecting with this sought-after, younger audience takes more than just delivering on their daily family needs. “In our recent past we’ve been there for Canadians from a functional perspective, but our roots run deeper when you look at just how many people have grown up with the brand. We’ve now made a very purposeful shift to lean into our emotional equity, and further strengthen our connection and modern day relevance with new consumers,” Kristen Knox, Director of Marketing at Campbell Canada says. “I believe we’re standing proud with a message that will resonate with all regardless of who they are or where they live”.

To deliver on the brief, Leo Burnett is using an animated approach to breakthrough with an emotional film, while staying faithful to the Campbell’s DNA. Anthony Chelvanathan, SVP Creative Director at Leo Burnett says, “For our launch film, the metaphor of warmth is delivered through a beautiful story of June, a tiny firefly whose brightness fades in the face of a harsh world, and is then restored once more. It showcases the transformational power of warmth, that when shared, leaves us with an uplifting feeling of positivity and optimism”. Music selection was also a critical factor. The classic track, “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood, gives the film a way to express its positive sentiment and nostalgia but with a modern version of the song created by Grayson Music featuring the artist Willa, to appeal to new generations.

Campbell’s future plans include extensions into other areas that will allow the brand to further live and breathe its new Masterbrand campaign, spreading warmth to every Canadian.