November 19, 2020

Which trends will there be in coffee drinking in the years to come? Specialty, Latte Art and Cold Brew: here are the forecasts given by sector experts collected by HostMilano.

Specialty Coffee is the main trend in the world of coffee at the moment, as revealed by HostMilano insight dedicated to this theme. That much is clear from the growing numbers of small roasteries popping up in cities around the world: from the huge metropolises of Tokyo and Berlin to small towns like Harlem in the Netherlands.

“Specialty coffee is quite a craze right now,” says Chiara Bergonzi, world Latte Art champion, today considered one of the leading experts in the field. (...)

And when the subject of specialty coffee comes up, thoughts soon turn to Latte Art which, says Luigi Lupi - one of the founding fathers of the discipline on a worldwide level- “is undoubtedly the most widely followed trend of all right now. (...)

The rise of coffee-based beverages

Cold Brew, Flat White and Dalgona Coffee, as seen in bars and cafés around the world, seem to be the big trends of the moment. (...)

The web is also creating new coffee-drinking trends. Ever heard of Dalgona Coffee? (...)

Where does the bean come from? How was it processed? Was it grown in a way that was respectful of nature? Sustainability and processing methods, these are the main themes identified by HostMilano and among the most debated by coffee lovers.

People are becoming increasingly aware of what they are consuming, and coffee is no exception. Coffee drinkers want to know where the beans come from, who farmed them, who roasted the beans and what method was used for that. The processing of coffee is coming increasingly into the spotlight, and famers are introducing new methods.

New methods include anaerobic fermentation, carbonic maceration, natural X.O., and lactic acid fermentation. (...)

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