Toronto, Feb 17, 2021 -- Chef Jordan Wagman is pleased to launch his first podcast ‘In The Weeds’  which originally started as a platform on Instagram to support culinary professionals discussing the challenges faced, the future of hospitality, and how the community can support them as they navigate through the pandemic and attempt to keep their business afloat. 

The response to the weekly Instagram discussions was overwhelming. In order to expand the discussion platform and provide amplified access to the content; Chef Jordan officially launched the ‘In The Weeds’ podcast format today. His podcast is now accessible through all major podcast channels including Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, and hundreds of other podcast streaming platforms. 

“Through the evolution of the ‘In The Weeds’ podcast I am thrilled to be able to bring our platform to a broader audience with the goal of connecting people, coming together to work through one ticket at a time, as the strong community that we are,” said Chef Jordan Wagman. 

“I look forward to shining a light on the world of hospitality, health, wellness, and cannabis, and the amazing individuals that make up the fabric of these communities which are heavily intertwined,” Wagman added. 

In his first episode, Jordan hosts a ‘Chef’s Roundtable’ discussion with Chef Romain Avril, Chef Stephanie Tucci, Chef Chris Locke, and Chef Devan Rajkumar where he discusses the trials and tribulations that Chefs are experiencing in light of the pandemic, and how they are dealing with the challenges while they are truly ‘In The Weeds.’ 

Jordan looks forward to hosting many more exciting guests that span across the hospitality, health & wellness, and cannabis industries. To listen to the podcast please visit Toronto Mike - or search for it on any podcast streaming service.