TORONTO, Oct. 8, 2019 /CNW/ - Pizza Pizza continues to innovate in the premium category, with its new lineup of 10" Gourmet Thin Crust Pizzas, featuring all-new ingredients like Creamy Truffle Sauce, Blue Cheese and Provolone. The launch caters to Canadians who are looking for a more upscale pizza experience through a reliable delivery service. Priced at $7.29, and consisting of 8 diverse recipes, there's a flavour for everyone.

"We're committed to offering our customers a hot and fresh product made with quality ingredients, delivered conveniently at a great price," said Paul Goddard, CEO at Pizza Pizza. "The new Gourmet Thins are sized for one person, which makes them a perfect quick meal on the go. They're also a more sophisticated option for Mom or Dad when the kids are still looking to order cheese or pepperoni, and they're perfect for a group lunch at the office, where everyone can choose their own flavour."

Following the recent successes of the Cauliflower Crust in 2018 and plant-based protein toppings earlier this summer, Pizza Pizza's product innovation pipeline continues to put more focus on premium and alternative categories. Included in the new lineup of Gourmet Thins are 3 brand new recipes and 5 reimagined favourites:

  1. Creamy Truffle
    Creamy Truffle base sauce, Provolone Cheese, blend of Mozzarella, Brick, Cheddar and Parmesan Cheeses
  2. Steak & Blue Cheese
    Garlic spread base, Steak Strips, Fresh Mushrooms, Mozzarella Cheese and sprinkled with crumbles of Blue Cheese
  3. Sriracha & Honey
    Homestyle Italian Tomato Sauce base, Habanero Cheddar Cheese, and finished with a swirl of Sriracha and Honey Garlic sauces, for the perfect balance of sweet and heat
  4. Chicken Bruschetta
    Homestyle Italian Tomato Sauce base, Mozzarella Cheese, Grilled Chicken, Bruschetta Tomatoes, Parmesan Cheese, Roasted Garlic, Italian Herb Seasoning
  5. Pesto Amore
    Pesto Sauce base, Mozzarella Cheese, Spinach, Roasted Red Peppers, Red Onions, Goat Cheese
  6. Sweet Chili Thai
    Sweet Chili Thai Sauce base, Mozzarella Cheese, Grilled Chicken, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Broccoli, Goat Cheese
  7. Spinach Splendito
    Garlic Sauce base, Parmesan Cheese, Spinach, Roma Tomatoes, Red Onions, Feta Cheese
  8. Chicken Romano
    Garlic spread base, Mozzarella Cheese, Spinach, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Grilled Chicken

Blue Cheese, Habanero Cheddar and Provolone have been introduced for a limited time only for the launch of the Gourmet Thins, and will also be available for customers to order à la carte as an add-on to other recipes and build-your-own pizzas. The 3 new cheeses join Pizza Pizza's existing selection of 100% Canadian cheese, including Mozzarella, Parmesan, Feta, Goat and Four-Cheese blend, for a total of 8 cheese varieties along with their Dairy-Free Vegan Cheeze option.

The new product line is available for both walk-in and delivery at more than 420 traditional Pizza Pizza restaurants Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and British Columbia.

For more information, visit or follow Pizza Pizza on Instagram and Twitter @PizzaPizzaLtd.


TORONTO, Oct. 8, 2019 /CNW/ - This World Egg Day, join Chef Lynn Crawford and Egg Farmers of Canada to celebrate the more than 1,000 farmers and farm families across the country who produce the fresh, local, high-quality eggs that Canadians love so much.

World Egg Day is a global celebration of the humble egg and takes place this Friday, October 11. To mark the day, Chef Lynn and Egg Farmers of Canada created a special video to introduce Canadians to some of the farmers who produce the eggs they know and love.

"Egg farmers across the country work year-round to provide us with access to amazing, delicious and nutritious eggs," says Chef Lynn. "I applaud the expertise and commitment of every Canadian egg farmer and I am proud to be able to showcase the important role eggs play in simple, everyday moments, like making a meal for my family. This World Egg Day, let's honour our local egg farmers for their dedication in producing a quality ingredient used in kitchens across our country."

Last year marked the 12th consecutive year that egg sales have grown. To match that unprecedented demand, Canadian egg farmers work hard every day to produce over 752 million dozen eggs.

"Canadians love eggs and egg farmers are passionate about delivering a steady supply of nutritious, made-in-Canada eggs," says Roger Pelissero, Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada. "It shows in the number of multi-generational farming families who are continuously innovating and the new generation of egg farmers making a start across the country."

Click HERE to watch the video. To try your hand at a World Egg Day inspired recipe, click HERE.

Join Chef Lynn and Egg Farmers of Canada in celebrating World Egg Day this Friday by sharing how much you love Canadian eggs and egg farmers using the hashtag #WorldEggDay and tagging @eggsoeufs on your favourite social platform.

To learn more about Egg Farmers of Canada, visit
Instagram: @eggsoeufs
Twitter: @eggsoeufs


VANCOUVER, BC (October 7, 2019) — The surf breaks in Kitsilano tomorrow when the BC institution known as Tacofino officially opens the doors of its newest location on the West Side of Vancouver at 1909 West 4th Avenue.

The seventh brick-and-mortar location for the beloved brand, Tacofino Kits occupies 1,985 square feet of space in a belowground, streetside eatery that offers a fully licensed dining room with seating for 40 as well as a take-out counter for those on the go.

Tacofino Kits is the latest addition to a growing family of restaurants that is celebrating 10 years since its humble beginnings in the surfside town of Tofino, BC. A decade later, Tacofino has become a phenomenon thanks to its signature quality, fresh and affordable fare prepared with an environmental and nutritional conscience and laidback, surf-centric style.

In keeping with the brand’s tradition of creating menus that are unique to each location, the Tacofino Kits menu offers a new array of signature, made-from-scratch fare developed by Chef and Co-Owner Jason Sussman and Michelin-starred Regional Executive Chef Stefan Hartmann such as:


  • Crispy Chicken (papaya salad, lemongrass mayo, kale slaw, crispy rice, cilantro), $13;
  • Maui Pork al Pastor (black beans, lime rice, lime crema, kale slaw, pineapple salsa), $12;
  • Corn Fritter (kale slaw, guacamole, lime mayo, black chili oil, cotija, cilantro), $11 (V);
  • Tuna (albacore tuna, soy glaze, wasabi mayo, wakame, lime rice, pickled ginger, nori), $14;
  • Tacos:

    • Fish (Pacific cod, chipotle mayo, salsa fresca, cabbage), $6.5;
    • Potato + Cheese (crispy corn tortilla, kale, pickled nopales and onion, cilantro), $6 (V);
    • Crispy Tofu (eggplant, cauliflower, kale slaw, vegan lemongrass mayo, Serrano, cilantro), $6 (Ve);
    • Maui Pork al Pastor (pineapple salsa, pickled white onion, cilantro), $6.5;

    ‘Other stuff’ and desserts:

    • Ensalada (iceberg lettuce, jalapeño ranch, avocado, radish, radish sprout), $9 (Ve option available), add crispy chicken or tofu +5
    • Beef Taquitos (cheese, lime crema, salsa verde), $6;
    • Banana Churros (cinnamon sugar, spiced chocolate), $7 (V);
    • Chocolate Diablo Cookie (cayenne, cinnamon, ginger), $3 (V).
    • Tacofino fans can also quench their thirst at the bar with cocktails like classic lime, jalapeño and blood orange margaritas, the ‘verditarita’, Oaxacan Mule or Paloma for $11 each, pitchers of Tricky sangria for $25, and local craft beer on tap as well as import beer and cider by the can and bottle.

      Vancouver interior designer Shiloh Sukkau — who also set the tone of the décor at Tacofino’s Gastown Taco Bar, Yaletown Burrito Bar, Downtown Oasis and Mount Pleasant Ocho locations — made the most of the textures and imperfections of the long and narrow site’s stripped-down concrete shell and incorporated them into a design scheme that is both conceptual and rustic. Subtle nods to the brand’s seaside roots in Tofino can be seen throughout the space in exposed conduit and keyless lamp fixtures that make the shape of a wave barreling over the room and water and natural forms that can be seen in the menus, mirrors, table tops and artwork by Hannah Petkau.

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