VAUGHAN, ON, April 18, 2023 /CNW/ - Taco Bell Canada has teamed up with Juno Award winning Canadian singer-songwriter Preston Pablo to create original music for its Messy Together campaign. Written and recorded by Pablo, the 30-second commissioned track serves as the newest anthem for Taco Bell Canada and captures the brand's spirit of embracing differences and breaking the status quo.

"Messy Together is about being with friends who embrace each other's authentic selves, even when things get messy," said Rohit Sharma, Senior Marketing Manager, Taco Bell Canada. "By collaborating with Canadian talent, Taco Bell Canada aims to give local and emerging artists a larger platform to share their voice. Every time Canadians hear this track, they'll want to satisfy their Taco Bell cravings with friends."

Born and raised in Timmins, Ontario, Pablo is best known for his recent hit "Flowers Need Rain" with Banx & Ranx which achieved triple Platinum Status. With much more to come in 2023, Preston is ready to launch new music as the JUNO Awards' 2023 Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

"I grew up eating Taco Bell – a Crunchwrap Supreme with a side of Nacho Fries Supreme is my go-to order," said Preston. "So, it was a no brainer when I was asked to be part of this campaign. Messy Together is confident, fun, and playful, and I wanted to write lyrics to match this tone."

Tacos are notorious for being crunchy, cheesy, spicy and most of all, messy. Last year, Taco Bell Canada unveiled its Beautiful Mess campaign, created by Denstu Creative, to celebrate this mess and encourage Canadians to embrace what makes them unapologetically themselves.

"Messy Together marks an evolution of the brand campaign by showcasing the beautiful friendships that Gen Z have with all their ups and downs," said Maxime Sauté, Executive Creative Director at Dentsu Creative. Taco Bell Canada plays the role of a catalyst in the bridging and building of these friendships. Food is central to these key moments in a friendship – the good, the bad, the delicious."

For more information on Taco Bell Canada and Beautiful Mess, please visit For more information on Preston Pablo and to listen to his latest singles, please visit


Restaurant Valentine has the nation’s healthiest fast-food chain cheeseburger, according to a study conducted by - earning a Healthy Rating of 6.8 out of 10.

Wendy’s Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe is the runner up (6.3), while Jolibee’s Cheeseburger and A&W’s Buddy Burger With Cheese are joint #3 (6.0).

Burger King complete the Top 5, while Five Guys are #6..

Carl’s Jr, Harvey’s and McDonald’s have Canada’s unhealthiest cheeseburgers - all three received a Healthy Rating of only 3.8 out of 10.

Despite the increase of healthy eating habits among Canadians, many still allow themselves an occasional fast food treat - like when enjoying the climax of the NHL regular season this week. 

And even with all the exotic options available, the humble burger is still one of the country’s most popular fast-food options. With this in mind, the research team at decided to investigate which Canadian fast-food chain’s cheeseburger is the best for your body.

The standard cheeseburger option from each outlet was analyzed for sugar, fat, salt and calorie content (per 100g), where data was available. Lower amounts of these four nutritional values are a good thing – so the lower the quantity, the higher the healthiness score is out of 10. 

Restaurant Valentine has Canada’s healthiest cheeseburger. Their sandwich has the lowest calories per 100g in the entire study, as well as ranking second best in the sodium stakes. It also received pass marks in the sugar and fat categories, culminating in a final score of 6.8 out of 10 - and putting the Quebecois chain at the top of the list

The Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe from US franchise Wendys is in second place, with a Healthy Rating of 6.3. Present in Canada since 1975, the chain doesn’t top any of four categories analyzed, but their offering has the third lowest calorie and salt content in the entire study.

Jollibee and A&W are tied in #3. Both burgers achieved a final rating of 6 out of 10, with A&W’s Buddy Burger With Cheese having the lowest amount of fat (per 100g) across all of the analyzed burgers. 

In #5 is Burger King, with a score of 5.3. The burger centric chain performed respectfully in all categories, without getting near the top of any. Five Guys is #6 (4.8), its cheeseburger had the lowest sodium content across all burgers - but was let down by other factors.

Tied at the foot of the rankings are three chains: Carl’s Jr, Garvey’s and McDonald’s. Their versions of the tasty treat only clocked up a Healthy Rating of 3.8 out 10.

When it comes to overall health, there are admittedly much more physique-friendly foods than cheeseburgers. But with an ethos of "everything in moderation", Canadian burger lovers can now see which cheeseburger is friendliest to their physique when they fancy the occasional treat.

See attached Data Sheet


Vancouver, B.C. (April 4, 2023): The Volpe famiglia of restaurants – Osteria Savio VolpeCaffè La TanaandPepino's Spaghetti House – is delighted to announce the appointment of Jason Cisneros as Operations Director. Bringing to the role over 20years of hospitality experience, Jason is responsible for the day to day operations of all three properties, including the development of the front of house teams and the future growth of the company.

"I am absolutely thrilled to join the exceptional team and great restaurants that Paul Grunberg and Craig Stanghetta have put together. It's a dream come true to be part of such a group where the love for hospitality takes center stage. These neighborhood restaurants create such a welcoming space for people to gather and share the passion that the team puts into creating food and beverage experiences, and I am excited to be a part of it.”

Jason Cisneros' career in hospitality all started with a chance encounter at Chez Panisse, the legendary farm-to-table restaurant owned by Alice Waters. The Oakland native had worked in hospitality before, everything from breakfast joints to nightclubs, but while working for a lumber yard that supplied the wood that helped Alice rebuild her restaurant, Jason was treated to a dining experience that changed everything and ignited his passion.

Inspired to be a part of establishments of this caliber forever more, Jason went on to manage The Claremont at the Fairmont Hotel in Berkeley, opening and revamping Claremont restaurants in collaboration with renowned chefs like Dominique Crenn and Scott Quinn; afterward opening several bars in the area and winning accolades and recognition for his scratch kitchen-style cocktail programs. After leaving the Bay Area for Vancouver, Jason spent seven years at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, working his way up from Lounge Manager to Director of Food and Beverage. Playing a pivotal role alongside chefs Damon Campbell and Hector Laguna, together they transformed Botanist and the rest of the hotel’s restaurants earning coveted awards for their collaborations with some of the world’s best bartenders and cooks; with Jason being awarded numerous of his own awards for leadership and excellence. 

When Jason's not honing his skills or mentoring aspiring young food and beverage professionals, he can be found sipping tequila while cheering on the Golden State Warriors or training for his next Ironman. 

For more information, visit


Winnipeg, Manitoba – April 6, 2023 – Former Blue Bomber, Taylor Renaud is excited to be opening the first Chopped Leaf franchise in his hometown of Winnipeg, at 749 Sterling Lyon Pkwy Building #4, Unit 9 (at Kenaston Blvd. Hwy #90) on Tuesday, April 11th.

“Growing up as an athlete I used food as fuel, but finding quality healthy ingredients that also tasted great wasn’t always easy. That’s why it’s important for me to bring Chopped Leaf – which offers products I trust and love - to our community!” said Taylor. “Health and fitness are my passion and Chopped Leaf allows me to live out this lifestyle in the best way imaginable. I could not be more excited to finally bring this amazing concept that I’m so proud of to Winnipeg.”

Chopped Leaf’s menu is always made using fresh ingredients with bold, wholesome and delicious flavours. Chopped Leaf’s menu of fresh and customizable salads, bowls, and wraps offers something for everyone.


TORONTO, April 5, 2023 /CNW/ - Brizo Data is excited to announce series A funding of over $12 million (CAD) in combined venture capital and debt. The round was led by FRAMEWORK Venture Partners and BDC Capital's Industrial Innovation Venture Fund. The company was launched in 2020 by seasoned entrepreneurs Ian Delisle, Trevor Shimizu, Gaetan Corneau and Jean-Sébastien Vachon. Brizo's vision is to become the source of truth on the foodservice and hospitality industries through their unrivaled depth of industry data and insights.

Brizo Data's flagship product, Brizo FoodMetrics, is North America's most reliable and comprehensive source of near real-time, foodservice market analytics. Restaurant intelligence is now a key driver in industry research, marketing and sales, enabling businesses in the food and beverage industry to thrive through data-informed decisions. Brizo provides insights to foodservice suppliers and vendors of all kinds–from who is selling Wagyu beef or linen services, to companies offering staffing technologies, delivery or online reservation solutions. 

"For restaurant industry professionals and suppliers, the sector has changed considerably through the rapid adoption of technology," said Trevor Shimizu, co-founder and CRO of Brizo. "Brizo makes it fast and easy to understand the data and insights that are now part of day-to-day operations, and to operationalize those insights to remove friction for sales teams, widen margins and serve customers better."

Since the pandemic, technology and data has become the new frontier in the food and beverage business. Brizo FoodMetrics takes all that data (from over one million foodservice establishments across the U.S. and Canada) and makes it digestible–capable of driving quick, high-quality restaurant and foodservice business intelligence.

"Brizo empowers food and beverage industry professionals and entrepreneurs in their own growth trajectories by cutting down on the time it takes to find sales leads and to identify new and emerging market opportunities," said Jim Texier, Partner at FRAMEWORK Venture Partners. "Brizo's technology is a powerful tool to increase the speed and efficiency of their operations, allowing them to pivot, to tailor offerings or to forecast future trends in the foodservice industry and get ahead of the curve."

Brizo FoodMetrics includes dashboard customizations for a wide variety of customer uses including technology vendors, franchisors, food and beverage distributors and industry investors. 

"We are thrilled to invest in Brizo as a technology that can empower the entire foodservice sector across North America," said Joseph Regan, Managing Partner, Industrial Innovation Venture Fund at BDC Capital. "With data-driven, actionable insights, Brizo's customers–business owners and emerging technology companies themselves–will be able to better manage risk and create opportunities through data-backed decisions."

Ian Delisle, co-founder and CEO of Brizo says, "the infusion of capital will allow us to accelerate growth and expand into new markets–making our solution an even bigger game changer for the industry."


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