The foodservice industry is navigating an unprecedented wave of change in the wake of COVID-19, pushing quality assurance front and center. A recent survey of more than 600 foodservice professionals revealed that nearly 90% of food safety managers, operations managers and franchise managers say COVID-19 has made it harder to recruit and retain employees, with nearly 40% of respondents unsure if food in their restaurants consistently meets corporate standards. NSF EyeSucceed™ is a transformational training modality that uses Augmented Reality (AR) paired with wearable smartglasses to improve both virtual and in-person training, consistency and operational efficiency, contributing to better experiences for employees and consumers.

NSF EyeSucceed co-founders Tom Chestnut and Jennifer Tong applied their more than 40 years of collective foodservice experience to develop a solution that addresses the growing demand for AR capabilities in the restaurant industry.

“The need for smart solutions that are cost effective has been growing for years. Following the pandemic, the food industry is seeking even more ways to leverage new technologies to improve training and efficiency while maintaining quality and consistency,” said Tom Chestnut, Co-Founder of NSF EyeSucceed. NSF EyeSucceed provides foodservice businesses with a customized suite of applications, helping to keep pace with the rapid hiring and increased consumer demand that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Another finding from the survey revealed that 51% of quick service restaurant (QSR) brands say AR could make training faster and 40% say AR could reduce human error.

“Our proof-of-concept testing and implementation in five global markets has proven that NSF EyeSucceed delivers transformational solutions,” said Jennifer Tong, Co-Founder of NSF EyeSucceed. “We are encouraged by the wide use of applications for this technology to truly transform the foodservice industry – from decreasing the need for in-person visits to vastly improving employee training. For foodservice managers, this means reduced costs while also enhancing food quality and safety for both employees and consumers.”

Wendy’s is a long-time leader in quality assurance and is focused on continuously evolving its programs to drive industry innovation. As such, the company was among the first to investigate AR for this use and to pilot smartglasses using NSF EyeSucceed.

“Since introducing NSF EyeSucceed to our suite of quality assurance tools in 2020 through a pilot program, our team at Wendy’s has experienced greater efficiency in our food safety and supplier oversight practices, from product evaluations to audit improvements,” said Jorge Hernandez, Vice President of Quality Assurance at Wendy’s. “This hands-free solution has been especially useful throughout the pandemic, as it’s provided connectivity between sites and deepened supplier relationships, despite travel restrictions around the world. As a result, we’ve seen time and cost savings and positive feedback from our employees and supplier partners. We look forward to completing the pilot program, including testing the glasses for employee training, and scaling up key learnings.”

NSF EyeSucceed enables:

Enhanced Training and Wearable Learning: Hands-free smartglasses can be used to train employees at workstations for shorter onboarding and on-the-line accuracy, allowing for immediate product sale and food waste reduction and higher retention of training material.

AR-Fueled Corrective Intelligence: NSF EyeSucceed applies next-generation AR solutions to detect human error, driving quality, consistency and cost efficiency. Use of the solution can monitor a product such as a burger being made the exact same way, no matter where you are in the world.

Anytime, Anywhere Maintenance: NSF EyeSucceed assists workers to keep machinery in top working order with intuitive instruction available on-demand and at the point of need. Frontline workers can install, set up and maintain equipment via livestream, and connect with technical experts to diagnose and fix issues with the aim to avoid asset downtime and technical travel time.

Hands-free Tools: NSF EyeSucceed supports greater efficiencies in food safety by making self-audits, reporting and inspection easier with hands-free technology and digitizes documentation for everything from task checklists to inventory management, without the need for app or web development.

Remote Work: The technology eliminates the need for travel and on-site visits by offering real-time remote audits, inspections, tech support and collaboration while maintaining quality and safety expectations. This has been proved especially helpful during COVID-19 lockdowns, during which travel was restricted.

Another leading QSR saw the following results when using NSF EyeSucceed:

 Training costs reduced by ~65% and employee satisfaction with training increased by 83%

Training accuracy improved by 50%; improved retention and confidence over traditional platforms75% savings in maintenance costs and lost revenue.

NSF EyeSucceed is supported by Glass Enterprise Edition 2. As the only Glass Provider for the food industry, NSF EyeSucceed uses the most advanced smartglass technology to deliver NSF’s custom food industry software applications and patents, created specifically to optimize back-of-house operations. NSF EyeSucceed is currently in the top five of Google’s top 10 Glass Enterprise Edition deployments and it is now implementing at scale.

For more information on NSF EyeSucceed, visit


Odd Burger Corporation (TSXV:ODD), one of the world’s first vegan fast-food chains and first to go public, announced today it has received Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification at its food manufacturing facility.  

HACCP certification, an internationally recognized designation, validates that Odd Burger has adequate measures in place to ensure food safety and quality control. HACCP certification is also a significant step in its expansion as Odd Burger adds restaurant locations outside of its home province and outside the country. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) requires HACCP certification for federally registered food producers.  

“HACCP certification demonstrates that Odd Burger is committed to providing safe, high-quality products to all of its customers,” said Alicja Wojewnik, CEO of the audit and consultancy firm Dicentra. “They are on track for a great future as a positive disruptor providing healthy alternatives in the fast-food space.” 

Odd Burger manufactures its own plant-based proteins and dairy alternatives, which represent about 70 percent of the food sold in its restaurants. Controlling its own supply chain helps the company keep menu prices in line with conventional fast food, reduces its dependence on third-party vendors, and ensures consistent quality and customer experience.  

“While our restaurants get most of the applause, the magic happens behind the curtain, on the manufacturing side, where we create our original recipes and develop new products,” said Odd Burger co-founder and CEO James McInnes. “Achieving HACCP certification also provides Odd Burger with additional distribution channels in retail and food service, extending our reach to a global customer base.” 

Odd Burger recently announced its fourth, fifth, and sixth locations will open by summer’s end. The company plans to open 20 locations by this time next year, including a flagship New York City restaurant, its first in the U.S.  

The company was founded as Globally Local, and recently rebranded as Odd Burger.


Manitoba Arts Network is excited to announce that this year’s Manitoba Showcase artists have been selected for our innovative conference programming. Building upon last year’s online Showcase programming, Manitoba Showcase 2021 will be held October 25th-30th and will be entirely digital.

Manitoba Showcase is an annual visual & performing arts conference that features some of the best Canadian artists, from a wide range of genres, for Manitoban presenters and galleries, connecting them with future opportunities and collaboration. In 2021, Manitoba Showcase will feature 15 performing artists, who will pre-record their virtual Showcase to be uploaded to The Pitch.
The Pitch creates a marketplace for the Performing Arts and full-featured digital showcasing service that connects artists and arts presenters/buyers. The Pitch will provide a customized Manitoba Showcase space where delegates can view artist showcases, indicate their interest and have private conversations in a delegate-only space. 

Artists Include:

  • Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra | MB
  • Will's Jams | BC | Family/Young Audience
  • The Demand | MB | Variety
  • Sean Burns | MB | Country Music
  • Blue Moon Marquee | BC | Jazz/Blues Music
  • Sultans of String | ON | World Music
  • Wolfe Bowart | AZ, USA | Theatre/Mime
  • Axis Theatre Company | BC | Family Theatre
  • Barbra Lica | ON | Jazz/Blues Music
  • Bon Débarras | QC | Folk Music
  • John D Huston | ON | Theatre-Drama
  • Newberry & Verch | ON | Folk Music
  • La Otra Orilla | QC | Contemporary Dance

The online conference will feature professional development, networking, and a virtual Contact Room that allows for touring discussions between showcase artists/agents and presenters/buyers. Using Pheedloop as our conference platform, participants will be able to experience a conference setting through an easy to use online program - an exciting new development in digital conferencing.


Odd Burger Corporation (TSXV:ODD), one of the world’s first vegan fast-food chains and first to go public, announced today its newest location in London, Ontario is largely complete and is scheduled to open mid-August. Odd Burger South London (645 Commissioners Road East) brings the chain’s total to four locations, with two additional restaurants set to open soon. 

The company’s Vaughan, ON location (9960 Dufferin Street) held its grand opening Sunday August 1, and treated the neighborhood to 99-cent non-dairy soft-serve ice cream all day and swag bags for the first 50 customers. Half of all profits from grand opening sales were donated to The Save Movement, a global grassroots organization founded in Toronto that works to save animals, save the climate, and save human health.  

Odd Burger also announced progress at its Waterloo, ON (75 King Street South) and Hamilton, ON (920 Upper Wentworth Street) locations. Construction is well underway, and both are expected to meet projected opening dates of August and September, respectively. 

All new stores incorporate the new Odd Burger brand and design in interior decor and signage.  

“I appreciate our team for their dedication and hard work opening these new locations, especially considering the obstacles created by the pandemic,” said Odd Burger co-founder and CEO James McInnes. “We have essentially tripled our footprint compared to just a few months ago, and the result is we’ve dramatically expanded the availability of plant-based food that is healthier, more humane, and more sustainable than typical fast-food options.” 

Odd Burger plans to open 20 locations by this time next year, including a flagship New York City restaurant in Manhattan.  

In addition to Vaughan, Toronto (492 College Street), and Windsor (13458 Tecumseh Road East) restaurants, Odd Burger also operates a manufacturing facility in London, ON, where it creates and distributes its proprietary foodservice line of plant-based proteins and dairy alternatives such as burgers, chickUN, sausage and dairy-free sauces.


Manitoba is beginning to re-open, and hotels and restaurants are starting to welcome customers back to their businesses. However, a number of COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, and it will be months before we can expect a full return to normal.

Though we are optimistic that trade shows such as the MHA & MRFA Show will be able to go ahead in the coming months, changing health orders and uncertainty about capacities and restrictions make it difficult to plan for this fall. It is important to us to ensure we can offer the best event possible.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the MHA & MRFA Show will move to Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at the Victoria Inn Winnipeg.


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