The Foodservice Packaging Institute released its second Consumer Perceptions on Foodservice Packaging Report to better understand the general consumer’s use and perception of single-use foodservice packaging. To discover those consumer perceptions and provide feedback to its members, FPI commissioned a third-party to conduct a survey to find out how frequently people use single-use packaging and their perceptions and behavior choices related to foodservice packaging, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The spotlight has grown and remains focused on single-use foodservice packaging, particularly throughout the past year,” said Natha Dempsey, president of FPI. “We wanted to better understand consumer perceptions around these packaging products and compare them to our first consumer survey conducted in 2019. We also wanted to find out how, or if, the pandemic affected their perceptions of foodservice packaging.”

In the survey, respondents were asked if the COVID-19 pandemic influenced their perception of potential benefits, concerns or attributes of single-use foodservice packaging items. In both the U.S. and Canada, the clean and sanitary nature of single-use foodservice packaging items increased in importance for the highest percentage of respondents, followed by the protective/tamper-proof properties, although less than 40% said this would continue after the pandemic.

Reaffirming results from 2019, being leak- or spill-proof and stopping oil or grease from soaking through and staining clothes, car seats, etc. remain the most important attributes of single-use foodservice packaging for U.S. and Canadian respondents.

Results also showed that more than 50% of adults in the U.S. and Canada use single-use foodservice packaging at least once a week. This represents a slight decrease from 2019 results for U.S. and Canadian respondents. Within U.S. respondents, survey results in both 2021 and 2019 show that those with the highest income remain the most likely to use single-use foodservice packaging every day, and higher education appeared to correlate to higher use.

Participants were asked questions about how frequently they use single-use foodservice packaging; their beliefs about the importance of performance attributes in single-use foodservice packaging; benefits and concerns they have about single-use foodservice packaging and their reusable counterparts; their behavior choices related to foodservice packaging; environmental issues; and, new in 2021, the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each question was analyzed looking for significant differences in responses across demographic groups and frequency of using single-use foodservice packaging, and from the 2019 survey.

The final report includes input from 800 respondents in the United States and Canada balanced across income, education level, gender and region. This sample provides a statistically representative view of the beliefs of these populations with a 95% confidence rate with a plus/minus 5% margin of error.

FPI members and contributing participants received complete survey results. A complimentary executive summary of the report is available on FPI’s website. Please contact FPI’s Natha Dempsey with any questions.


EcoSmart Supply Co., is pleased to announce the launch of its first and highly anticipated product aimed at eradicating single-use plastics, The Rice Straw.

EcoSmart Supply Co. is an up-and-coming distribution company of eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics.  The company’s mission is to eradicate single-use plastics by replacing them with all-natural options made from rice.  Since its inception in 2020, EcoSmart Supply Co. has developed relationships with the best like-minded manufacturers in the world who care about sustainability, the world’s oceans, and the longevity of humanity.

In the company’s latest news, EcoSmart Supply Co. has officially launched its first product – The Rice Straw. The Rice Straw is an edible straw made from rice materials using high quality production to ensure quality, hygiene, food safety, and environmental sustainability.  The product’s rice and tapioca starch ingredients are 100% natural, organic, biodegradable, and last longer than any other eco-friendly single-use plastic on the market.  

“Unless you’ve watched the popular documentary Seaspiracy on Netflix, or unless you’re up-to-date on legislation to ban single-use plastics, you may not know that it takes a plastic straw up to 400 years to decompose,” says founder of EcoSmart Supply Co., Ben Bright.  “In fact, more than 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean every single year, with the U.S. alone using 500 million plastic straws.  This is alarming to say the least.  That being said, consumers don’t have to make big changes to make a dramatic impact.  Small steps, such as utilizing our rice-based product, The Rice Straw, can help to inspire others and protect our planet.”

According to Bright, consumers also need to be aware of the fact that not all eco-friendly products are beneficial for the environment.  For example, a study done by the CBC in 2019 found that too many single-use coffee pods, often marketed as compostable, are ending up in landfills – due to the lack of composting services offered by municipalities.

“Let’s face it, coffee pods are not all-natural products and do not simply decompose in a matter of days or weeks,” Bright states.  “As such, there is a lot of damage done to the planet and wildlife, though these companies will make you believe otherwise.  Consumers should feel confident to know that The Rice Straw is 100% natural and sustainable, fully biodegrading in just 90 days.  It is our mission to reject single-use plastics, and it should be yours, too.”

The Rice Straw is available on the company’s website in bulk quantities of 50, 100, 150, or 1000.

For more information about EcoSmart Supply Co., or to order, please visit


The major news coming out of last week is the announcement that the federal government will be extending the crucial CEWS and CERS subsidy programs until October 23, 2021. They will also be increasing the rate of support that employers can receive during the period of August 29-September 25, 2021.

A win for our hardest hit sector, this announcement is the direct result of months of sustained and aggressive lobbying on the part of Restaurants Canada through both our grassroots initiatives and influential Restaurant Revival Working Group, and represents an important first step towards securing a sustainable recovery for the foodservice industry.

Meanwhile, as the looming election cycle draws closer, all political parties are starting to test out their campaign messaging. While no date has yet been set, we are working hard to finalize our own election campaign narrative. We will also be preparing to launch our election microsite, encouraging members, suppliers, and anyone impacted by the restaurant industry to contact their local candidates to share their support and our key messages. As a non-partisan non-profit association, we will be sharing our electoral platform with all parties, driving home the reality that the economic and social impacts on our industry will be long-lasting.

Finally, with all jurisdictions nearly open across Canada, we continue to call on authorities to engage with us in developing innovative solutions to protect Canadians, and to ensure that health and safety decisions are made with economic impacts in mind. As provincial governments begin to shift their focus from survival to recovery, we are pushing hard to ensure our industry’s rising labour needs and concerns are met. We will ensure our pre-budget submission reflects the dangerous labour shortages threatening our industry across the country, as we continue to advocate for a national foodservice labour strategy.


TORONTO, ON – AUGUST 5, 2021 – Showing exactly how much Canada’s foodservice industry has been craving in-person interactions and key content on how to revive their businesses post-pandemic, the RC Show 2022 is looking forward to welcoming industry professionals back to its conference, tradeshow, competition and events with the very fitting theme of REVIVE YOUR BUSINESS. Echoing Restaurants Canada’s increased forecast in foodservice sales to nearly $80 billion in 2022, Restaurants Canada has announced they are gearing up to welcome industry professionals from across the country at next year’s Show.

The spring show has already received active engagement from exhibitors and sponsors looking to sign on to do business, and share how they are planning to support the industry at Canada’s first in-person hospitality event after well over a year of battling pandemic restrictions. 

“For more than 75 years, industry professionals have been looking to the RC Show to find the best advice, tools and expertise to help them run their businesses, and this year is no different,” says Todd Barclay, President of Restaurants Canada. “Our last live show was the most successful show to date, and  the last major event before COVID-19 hit the industry. We look forward to being one of the first back with an in-person event.”

As all provinces across Canada are now reopening, the RC Show is looking forward to bringing the industry back together from February 27 – March 1, 2022, to help the hospitality industry navigate the new challenges it’s facing. Following the success of RC Show 2021 ONLINE LIVE virtual event, next year’s show aims to reignite and revive the Canadian foodservice and hospitality industry through its new and improved ONLINE content strategy, enhanced domestic and international buyers program, competitions and face-to-face business connections. 

Attendees can expect to find solution-based content both in-person and online, covering topics and issues that matter most to operators, plus culinary and bar competitions, and signature events including RC Show’s Opening Night Reception, Industry Night Out and Breakfast with Champions, a fully functional pop-up restaurant and nationally streamed conference sessions.

“The Restaurants Canada Show is a critical element to our solution based marketing strategy,” says Mary Chiarot, Vice President and General Manager of Garland Canada. “We truly believe our products and brands are essential tools for great culinary experiences for chefs and for their guests and the RC Show puts us in front of key buyers. We have also developed and leveraged the Garland Canada Culinary Competition with Restaurants Canada as part of the RC Show. This culinary competition provides a platform to discover, recognize and build the culinary leaders of tomorrow, all supported by Garland Canada brands and products that underpin culinary excellence.”

“The foundation of the hospitality industry has always thrived on connecting people. The creativity of the industry delivers dynamic environments for people to relax, enjoy and connect,” says Robert Phelps, President – Canada at SilverChef. “This has certainly been tested over the pandemic. Operators have stood up to the challenge, pivoting their business models, supporting their livelihoods and allowing people to enjoy part of the experience. For operators, communities, families and friends, the industry moving back to reopening brings back the true foundations of hospitality. Restaurants Canada has been a valuable industry voice. All facets of the industry will once again be able to connect and showcase the innovation, strength and value through the RC Show coming back live.”

With over 250,000 square feet of exhibition space and hours of live and virtual content available to share the latest innovations in food trends, products and services, RC Show 2022 will unlock new opportunities for industry professionals, providing attendees with valuable tools to improve and strengthen their businesses.

“The Restaurants Canada show provides an excellent opportunity for us to network with industry professionals, as well as independent and chain operators,” says David Coulter, Director, Corporate Sales at Diversey. “This not only allows Diversey to showcase its innovations and technologies to members, but is also the perfect platform to present solutions centred on safety, brand protection, guest experience and most importantly infection prevention. We view the RC Show as a critical vehicle to educate our customers. It allows us to support the industry by helping operators adapt to a 'new normal' where heightened levels of facility hygiene are going to be essential in driving consumer confidence and rebuilding pre-pandemic volumes.”

Interested suppliers and foodservice/hospitality vendors can find available booth space and sponsorship opportunities by contacting the RC Show sales team. Potential exhibitors can get inspired about what awaits them in the RC Show 2022 Exhibitor Video or read more in the Exhibitor Brochure

For more information, visit


Our analysts' forecast calls for the quick service segment to lead Canada's restaurant recovery, with burger and chicken concepts leading the charge. The key to your success during the slow recovery will be adapting to consumers' changing needs in the post-pandemic environment.

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