OTTAWA, Nov. 19, 2019 /CNW/ - Egg Farmers of Canada is proud to announce a partnership with Denny's Restaurants Canada, who now feature the Egg Quality Assurance™ (EQA™) certification mark on their menus in restaurants across the country. These efforts demonstrate Denny's commitment to sourcing quality, safe products and a strong connection to Canadian farmers.

"The EQA program is the culmination of decades of work building world-class standards in the Canadian egg industry. Those standards are upheld through our national programs that include inspections and third-party audits," said Roger Pelissero, third generation egg farmer and Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada. "We know Canadians want to know where their food comes from, and we are proud to partner with Denny's Restaurants to strengthen the connection between our farms and their restaurants."

"Denny's is committed to providing great food and good value without sacrificing quality or flavour," said Deborah Gagnon, President and COO of Dencan Restaurants, which owns and operates Denny's Restaurants across Canada. "We are proud to work with our suppliers and organizations like Egg Farmers of Canada, who uphold leading food safety and animal welfare standards. This partnership is another example of Denny's ongoing commitment to serve high-quality, sustainably-sourced food to our guests."

Starting this fall, all 74 Denny's restaurants in communities across Canada will proudly display the EQA™ certification mark on their menus. All EQA™ certified eggs have met the highest standards of Egg Farmers of Canada's national Start Clean-Stay Clean® and Animal Care Programs. These standards matter and the EQA™ certification mark provides Canadian consumers with a visual way to recognize made-in-Canada eggs.

Visit to find out more about Egg Farmers of Canada's EQA™ certification program.


VAUGHAN, ON, Nov. 18, 2019 /CNW/ - Taco Bell Canada's CrunchWrapping Paper is back for the 2019 holiday season by popular demand, but with a twist. 'Tis the season for seasoned beef, so Taco Bell Canada has taken the festive fan favourite to the next level – not only will it still be the most delicious looking wrapping paper you can find, it'll be the best smelling too, as this year it contains the irresistible scent of Taco Bell's Triple Double Crunchwrap.

Last year's CrunchWrapping Paper made a big impression on Canadians as they exchanged gifts wrapped like Taco Bell ingredients for the holidays. This year's edition is sure to make an even bigger splash as Canadians clamour for their chance to give and receive gifts wrapped in Scented CrunchWrapping Paper.

Scented CrunchWrapping Paper will be available for purchase on for $4.00 CAD beginning Cyber Monday, December 2nd, until December 22nd, or while supplies last. The original CrunchWrapping Paper sold out in less than 48 hours, so shop early to avoid missing out.

"Our CrunchWrapping Paper was a huge hit last year, selling out in just a few days, so we wanted to bring it back again this holiday season but take it one step further by adding the unique Triple Double Crunchwrap scent," said Veronica Castillo, Head of Marketing at Taco Bell Canada. "Long gone are the days of shaking your presents under the tree - this holiday season Taco Bell fans and foodies across Canada will be smelling their presents instead with Scented CrunchWrapping Paper."

Each Scented CrunchWrapping Paper set includes 5 sheets of wrapping paper, each representing a layer of Taco Bell's Triple Double Crunchwrap. Consumers can expect the same mouthwatering, savoury scent as a Triple Double Crunchwrap, with notes of seasoning and a hint of spice, with the design featuring all five layers of deliciousness: seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, crunchy tostada, tortilla, and the veggies - lettuce, tomato and sour cream.

Taco Bell's Triple Double Crunchwrap is available now in-store for $5.49 SRP, with Scented CrunchWrapping Paper available to purchase on beginning December 2nd.


November 8, 2019

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Toronto, November 12, 2019 – Canadian businesses are responding positively to a new company created to make the music licensing process more convenient. Since its launch in July 2019, Entandem, a joint venture between RE:SOUND and SOCAN, has simplified the music licensing process for a growing number of Canadian businesses – to date, a remarkable 3,300 – that use live and recorded music to help attract and keep customers, clients and employees.

So far, Entandem has collected more than $5-million in music-licensing revenue1, demonstrating its effectiveness in making it convenient for Canadian businesses to use music ethically, legally, and responsibly, while ensuring the creators and owners of the music receive fair compensation for the use of their valuable work.

"The businesses we work with clearly appreciate the convenience of completing both RE:SOUND and SOCAN music licenses at once," said Amadou Tall, director, Entandem Licensing. "Not only is this great for business, it's a positive development for rightsholders. The fair royalties they have earned allow them to maintain and build their careers and keep bringing us the music we love."

By law, whether they use live or recorded music, Canadian businesses must pay for the music they use so that those who made the music can be fairly compensated. Just as restaurants pay food suppliers and nightclubs pay for the liquor they serve to make their business better, music is an important, and often vital, piece of the customer, client or employee’s overall experience.

The money collected from RE:SOUND and SOCAN music licenses through Entandem is distributed as royalties to songwriters, composers, music publishers, artists, and record labels.

Entandem simplifies the completion of both RE:SOUND and SOCAN licenses, previously managed separately by each organization, into a single, jointly-operated business comprising 35 full-time employees whose work is an essential part of the Canadian music ecosystem. Entandem is headquartered in Toronto with a branch office in Montréal.

With Entandem, retailers, restaurants, nightclubs, fitness clubs and myriad other organizations that use music can complete their legally required music licenses in a single transaction.

Businesses seeking more information about the music licenses they may require can visit


November 5, 2019

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