WABAN, Mass., April 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Subway and Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen deliver the best customer experience in the fast food industry, according to the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings, an annual customer experience benchmark of companies based on a survey of 10,000 U.S. consumers.  

Subway took the top spot out of the 24 fast food chains included in this year's Ratings, earning a score of 83% and placing second overall out of 318 companies across 20 industries. Popeye's came in a close second with a rating of 81% and an overall rank of 12th. Two other fast food chains received "excellent" ratings: Panera Bread and Little Caesar's, both of which received a score of 80% and placed 17th overall.

Overall, the fast food industry averaged a 76% rating in the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings and came in 2nd place out of 20 industries. The average rating of the industry declined by 0.4 percentage-points between 2017 and 2018, dropping from 76.5% to 76.1%.

The ratings of all fast food chains in the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings are as follows:

  • Subway: 83%
  • Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen: 81%
  • Panera Bread: 80%
  • Little Caesar's: 80%
  • Baskin Robbins: 79%
  • Pizza Hut: 79%
  • Sonic Drive-In: 79%
  • Starbucks: 79%
  • Dairy Queen: 79%
  • Chick-fil-A: 78%
  • KFC: 78%
  • Taco Bell: 77%
  • Dunkin' Donuts: 76%
  • Arby's: 75%
  • Jack in the Box: 75%
  • Wendy's: 75%
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill: 75%
  • Hardee's: 75%
  • Domino's: 74%
  • Papa John's: 74%
  • Panda Express: 73%
  • Burger King: 72%
  • IHOP: 72%
  • McDonald's: 70%

"The fast food restaurant does a good job with customer experience. It's impressive that the four top chains earned excellent scores," states Bruce Temkin, managing partner of Temkin Group.

Taco Bell's customer experience score improved the most over the previous year, gaining seven percentage-points. Hardee's score, on the other hand, declined the most, dropping by eight points.


VANCOUVER, BC, April 6, 2018Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria raised over $100,000 forMealshareto help feed in-need youth in Canada over the last four years of Famoso and Mealshare’s Campania Tomato Sauce Campaign.

Famoso and Mealshare’s Campania Tomato Sauce Campaign helps raise money for in-need youth during November and December through the sale of Famoso’s Campania Tomato Sauce. Every time a customer purchases a jar of Famoso’s hand-milled Campania Tomato Sauce in any of Famoso’s 30 locations, all proceeds go to Mealshare to help end youth hunger right in the community in which the jar was sold. The 2017 Campania Tomato Sauce Campaign raised $29,607 through the sale of Campania Tomato Sauce which was directed to Mealshare to donate meals to in-need youth across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

“Mealshare has become a very important partner for Famoso since the launch of our Campania Tomato Sauce Campaign in 2014,” says Justin Lussier, chief executive officer and co-founder of Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria. “We were so pleased to work with Mealshare again this year, and thanks to the support of our guests, we were able to help work towards the goal of ending youth hunger in Canada.” 

Justin Lussier, chief executive officer and co-founder of Famoso (left), presents a cheque to Andrew Hall, co-founder of Mealshare (centre) with Jason Allard, chief operations officer and co-founder of Famoso (right). 

Mealshare’s mission is to enable and inspire people to join the fight to end youth hunger. Since Campania Tomato Sauce sales began in 2014, 22,368 jars of sauce have been purchased to support the 17 local communities in which Famoso operates.

“The Campania Tomato Sauce Campaign continues to amaze us, and we’re so happy to have worked with Famoso once again to provide meals to hungry youth in local Canadian communities,” adds Andrew Hall, co-founder of Mealshare.

Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming announcements from both Famoso and Mealshare about their strengthened partnership moving forward. For more information about Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, please visit www.famoso.caand for more information about Mealshare, please visit

With a little bit a tomato sauce and a whole lot of support from the community in which Famoso operates, fighting youth hunger is just one jar of tomato sauce away.


SEPT-ÎLES, QC, April 6, 2018 /CNW/ - After enduring three years of stalling tactics by their employer, unionized employees at four Tim Hortons outlets in the community of Sept-Îles are set to obtain their first collective agreement.

"A long saga is ending and we're looking forward to a new relationship between employees and the employer that will be based on respect, equity and appropriate treatment," United Steelworkers union representative Gilles Ayotte said.

An arbitrator appointed by the Quebec government will hold a final round of hearings next week with management and workers' representatives. The arbitrator will then impose a first collective agreement, within 90 days.

Ayotte praised the determination and perseverance of the 80 Tim Hortons employees, most of whom are women. They joined the union in February 2015, becoming members of Steelworkers Local 7065.

"These workers showed tremendous courage and patience in standing up to an industry giant," Ayotte said.

Quebec labour law dictates that a collective agreement must be negotiated within one year of workers being granted a union certification. The Steelworkers protested that the employer used a variety of tactics to prolong the bargaining process. Following an unsuccessful attempt at conciliation, the parties ended up in binding arbitration.

As a gesture of appreciation for community support, the Steelworkers and its members are inviting Sept-Îles residents to join them for next week's final arbitration hearings. The hearings will be held April 9-11 at the Hôtel des gouverneurs.

"We want to thank the people of Sept-Îles who supported us all along and at the same time recognize the courage and determination of these workers over the last three years," Ayotte said.


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