November 19 2018, the Bank of Canada issued the new vertical $10 bank note into circulation.

Canadians will now begin to see the new bank note as it makes its way into financial institutions and is used in transactions across the country.

As with Canada’s other polymer notes, the new $10 note has bold security features that ensure Canadians can use it with confidence. But remember, bank notes are only secure if you check them. 


November 19, 2018

Food Service Solutions is pleased to announce that it has been appointed the Scotsman Ice Systems wholesale distributor for Western Canada November 1st, 2018 and Canada-wide effective January 1, 2019. As a member of The Ali Group, Scotsman Ice is recognized around the world as a global leader in ice machine technology.

Food Service Solutions will stock and fully support the Scotsman line in Canada including responsibility for warranty, service and parts. “We’re thrilled to represent Scotsman in Canada,” commented Chris Koehler, President of Food Service Solutions, “It’s been our intention to add a quality line of ice machines to our portfolio for some time and we couldn’t be more proud to represent Scotsman in the Canadian market.”


New Hartford, NY- November 13, 2018 - ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a leading global provider of point of sale (POS) and workforce efficiency solutions to the restaurant and retail industries, today announced the release of PAR IoT.  ParTech, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE: PAR). 

The PAR IoT solution is an advanced cloud-based system that enables 24x7 remote monitoring of key capital investments with near real-time alerting for temperature failures and power disruptions. The system components consist of various sensors that collect crucial data, gateways to transfer data to Cloud Servers, and a web portal for system setup, reporting and alerting for action when specific programmable states exist.  The solution ensures critical temperatures are regularly captured and monitored in kitchens, serving areas, storage and holding areas.

Originally introduced in 2009, SureCheck is supporting some of the world’s largest companies to improve food safety and operational efficiencies in thousands of food service locations, with more than 35 million observations a month.

Key features of PAR IoT include the following capabilities:

  • Commercial grade sensors for unique customer applications
  • Up to 100 wireless sensors with one PAR IoT Gateway
  • Ability to send notifications when the sensors are out of compliance or power is disrupted
  • PAR IoT Portal provides access to sensor activities with reports
  • Ability to monitor system from anywhere via Web and/or mobile apps (IOS and Android)

“Food Service organizations are looking for ways to maximize food safety efficiency and assist in managing operational costs.  PAR IoT was built to achieve this by allowing real-time monitoring and alerting when important devices/equipment are out of compliance,” said Dr. Donald H. Foley, PAR Technology Corporation President & CEO.


November 9, 2018

Alfred le Fermier Grand Cru from Fromagerie la Station has been named the Best Canadian Cheese, sponsored by Olympic Cheese, at the 31st edition of the World Cheese Awards in Bergen, Norway following a record breaking 3,472 entries being judged in a single day at the city’s iconic Grieg Hall.

Visiting Norway for the first time this year to form part of the brand new food festival, Matnasjonen Norge, the World Cheese Awards judged entries from over 40 different countries on Friday 2 November. Nine hours of judging later, the Super Jury named Fanaost, made by Norwegian cheesemaker, Ostegården, World Champion Cheese 2018, after the aged gouda stood out at every stage of the blind tasting process.

With a total of three Gold, one Silver and 14 Bronze awards going to entries from Canada this year, the World Cheese Awards has once again provided an internationally recognised seal of approval for many of the nation’s top cheesemakers. Among the other winners taking awards back to Canada are a Gold winning Bécart de l'Isle from Societe Coopérative Agricole de L'isle-aux-grues, a Bronze winning Mountainoak Farmstead 3 Year Old from Mountainoak Cheese and a Bronze winning Fuoco from Fromagerie Fuoco.

Records were broken across the board this year, as more nations than ever before entered cheeses into the world’s biggest cheese-only event. Representing 41 different countries, entries made their way by boat, truck, train and plane via 12 consolidation points around the world, from places including Brazil, Kenya, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa and the USA. 235 judges from 30 countries then tasted, nosed and graded cheeses from six continents, giving Bronze, Silver, Gold and Super Gold awards to worthy entries.

As 3,472 eventually became 16, the crowds then watched on as the International Super Jury debated the world’s top cheese. Made up of the finest palates from the international cheese community, this year’s panel featured cheese makers, cheesemongers, buyers, chefs, retailers and writers. Judges including José Pizarro, critically acclaimed Spanish chef, Cathy Strange, global executive coordinator for Whole Foods Market in the USA, Claus Meyer, co-founder of Noma in Denmark, and Nick Tsioros, owner of Olympic Cheese in Toronto, all put forward their chosen cheeses live on World Cheese TV, before crowning this year’s World Champion Cheese.

World Cheese Awards 2018 – the background

*             The World Cheese Awards is organised by the Guild of Fine Food

*             2018 was the 31st edition of the competition Top of Form

*             The planet’s biggest ‘cheese-only’ competition – no yoghurt, cream, butter or other dairy – championing the world’s best cheesemakers, from tiny artisans to global heavyweights

*             3,472 cheeses from 41 different countries entered – including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Liechtenstein, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA and Wales

*             235 judges from across the globe travelled from 30 different countries to nose, taste and grade the cheese

*             Judging broadcast live on World Cheese TV at <>


*             A Super Jury of 16 judges decided the final winning World Champion Cheese

How the judging works

Judges work in teams of three to four, identifying any cheeses worthy of a Bronze, Silver or Gold award. They look at the rind and the body of the cheese, its colour, texture, consistency and, above all, its taste. Each team then nominates one exceptional cheese as the Super Gold from their table. These 78 cheeses are the best in the world and are judged a second time by the Super Jury of 16 internationally recognised experts, who each select a cheese to champion in the final round of judging. The Super Jury, representing all four corners of the globe, then debates the final 16 in front of a live consumer and trade audience, before choosing the World Champion Cheese live on WCA TV.

Matnasjonen Norge

Matnasjonen Norge is a brand new Norwegian food event, which took place on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 November at the Grieg Hall in Bergen. Featuring a food festival, conference sessions, presentations and tasting tours, the event gives the country’s producers and chefs a platform to showcase their food and drink and shine a spotlight on the quiet culinary revolution that has taken place in Norway over recent years.


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